January 2014



 Happy New Year!
As another year has come and gone, we’d like to wish all of you and your families happiness and prosperity for this upcoming year.  We’d also like to thank you for being a part of our family and allowing us the opportunity to serve you. 

Did You Know?

Door-to-Door Scams and Property Crime

Recently there have been many cases across the state of scam artists posing as home security salespeople or repair technicians.  If someone suspicious comes to your door offering you a lower monthly rate, an upgraded or free system, a free tutorial on how to use your system, or a repair call that you have not requested, please contact your local authorities.  These scam artists will use these tactics to scam money from you or tamper with your security system so that authorities will not be alerted when they come back later to break into your home.  The Alabama Criminal Justice Center reports that for 2012, there were an average of 441 property crimes reported every day with the value of stolen property totaling around $215 million for the year.


Call us before you move and you can enjoy the same protection and service, because we will re-install your security system at your new address that is within our service area.  If you are moving to a home that already has a security system installed, we can still monitor your home.  If you are moving outside of our service area please call us to discuss your options.

 Wireless Communication

Wirelessly protect your alarm system communication with a Telguard wireless communicator.  No home phone line is needed and you have the option of controlling your alarm system with your smart phone.  Wireless protection is the most reliable form of security because the communication path can’t be cut by intruders or disrupted by inclement weather.  Call us today for information and pricing. Remember, if you are currently monitored through a landline and have it discontinued, you must reconnect it or add a wireless communicator.  Also call us before having changes made to your current landline service to avoid monitoring interruption.

~ Reminders ~
( Your alarm system is monitored by All American Monitoring.  They can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.800.318.9486 in regards to alarm signals and cancelling false alarms.

$ Repair fees are due onsite or are billable for a $5 invoicing fee.  Repairs requested for after 4:30pm are     charged at the emergency rate of $75 per hour regardless of your current warranty.

! Testing your alarm system on at least a monthly basis helps you feel secure knowing your system
will protect you when the need arises.  Please call us if you need assistance with this process or if your alarm system needs repair.

- Save a stamp! Sign up for our free auto-pay program and have your monitoring payments automatically
 deducted by debit or credit card.  Your payment is always on time and you never have to worry about a late fee.
 Please remember we do not accept cash payments at any office location.


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